14 useful web design tools to improve workflow and increase efficiency

14 useful web design tools to improve workflow and increase efficiency

The best web design tools improve workflow and increase efficiency

They help you get a fast-loading, good-looking website up in minimal time.

Essentially, they make your design life easier! 14 web design tools to improve workflow and increase efficiency This list includes both free web design tools and products that require payment Free is great, but sometimes it’s worth a few bucks to get exactly what you need Adobe XD Genesis Gantry Editor’s note: All costs included below were current as of the time of writing, but are subject to change Web design and prototyping tools Creating an initial design and presenting it to your client are cornerstone tasks in web design It’s crucial to make this stuff look so good that your client can’t help but be impressed The following tools are ideal for creating great website designs, from starter wireframes through advanced prototyping Image: Adobe XD Design, prototype and share your UI/UX designs with this robust tool from Adobe XD is short for Experience Design, and this tool is primarily used for UI/UX design along with prototyping Unlike Photoshop, which is intended for graphic design of all sorts, Adobe XD is among the web design tools optimized for page and app design It’s loaded with convenient features, such as making it simple to quickly repeat common elements across artboards with a few clicks and drags

Prototyping is built-in, making it easy for you and your clients to see what the design will look like in action.

Adobe XD has the advantage of simpler ease of use compared to Photoshop Photoshop users will find the transition easy, as a lot of the shortcuts used in both apps are the same For newbies, there are plenty of learning materials available to get you up to speed fast Adobe XD is supported by an active community that provides free UI kits, icon sets, plugins, and more to help you automate common tasks It also does something that no other prototyping software does: using voice triggers and speech playback in prototyping Adobe currently offers a starter version of Adobe XD for free This version limits you to one shared prototype and a limited font set compared to the subscription versions but otherwise provides all the tools and features you’ll need to design and prototype a killer site If you’re a Creative Cloud subscriber, you’ll find this included with your other apps at no extra charge Image: InVision One of the favorite web design tools for UXers, InVision is a cloud-based app that’s all about prototyping your designs Forget sending your client a bunch of screenshots or PDFs — with this app, you can send an interactive mockup instead Screens uploaded into InVision will be presented and behave like actual web pages Discuss the mockups inside the app using comments and notes linked to particular points of the mockup The app also features mobile prototyping, with gestures like swipe left and double-tapping Additional features include the ability to keep multiple versions so you can have a record of iterations of your design and track version history Finally, InVision includes a Live Share feature With Live Share, you can collaborate in real time using a browser-based screen share InVision offers a free version which allows one prototype If you need more, subscription plans are available starting at $15/month Image: Sketch If you work on a Mac, Sketch may quickly become your go-to for web design tools This vector-based UI design tool has replaced Photoshop in the toolboxes of many designers and is a market leader in this category

Users report it’s simpler to use and creates smaller files.

Some of the big pluses include a clean UI built specifically for mobile and web design workflows, a built-in grid system, and “art boards” that let you easily work on multiple views at the same time Because it’s vector based, you can rescale assets without quality loss With “Mirror” you can connect your iPhone to Sketch and live check changes for how they’ll appear on mobile Sketch is also supported by a community that has created hundreds of plugins to handle common tasks While it does allow some prototyping via its Sketch Cloud service, that is still very basic and limited compared to some other applications The app is sold via annual subscription, but you can test-drive before you buy with the seven-day free trial Image and color manipulation Ooh la la, look at those colors! That’s what you want your client to say when you’re handing over designs and artwork — and it should factor into your choice of web design tools You can’t let those awesome graphics bog down site speed, so there’s a delicate balancing act required If you’re not a natural at color selection, you can still make the magic happen, thanks to these awesome tools

Downsizing your work without losing quality is also just a few clicks away.

Image: Adobe Color Are you building a site but shaky on choosing coordinating colors? Worry no more — if you have an image or logo to work from, upload it to Adobe Color and the program will generate a color scheme keyed off the image’s colors You can change the color “mood,” to suit your needs Options include Bright, Colorful, Muted, Deep, Dark, and Custom With this most colorful of web design tools, you can also build a color scheme from scratch or select one from the library of examples You can only save the color schemes as ASE files, which can be opened by Adobe products, but even if you’re not on that bandwagon, this tool will help you find colors that work perfectly together The RGB and Hex codes for each color swatch are displayed on the screen so you can easily use them in any application Image: Canva If you need to design an eye-popping infographic or an HTML email header that won’t get ignored, Canva stands out from other web design tools This online service offers millions of images (or upload your own), photo filters, free icons and shapes, and hundreds of fonts Templates are available for a huge variety of projects You don’t have to be a design pro to use it, either The simple drag-and-drop interface was designed with ease of use in mind A basic Canva account is free (forever), and gives you access to over 8,000 templates Photos are available for $1 each If you want more, including free photos and illustrations, you’ll need to upgrade to Canva for Work, which costs $995 per user monthly Image: Squoosh This is one of Google’s free web design tools and it lets you compress and resize images or reduce the palette size The easy drag-and-drop interface allows you to upload and download with ease Play with the Quality slider to see what your image will look like with different compression levels and find the ideal balance between picture quality and file size You can also select a different image format than the original, including PNG, JPEG, PNG and others Squoosh is an open-source app, and the code behind it is available on GitHub if you’re interested in just how this magic is accomplished Client communication Image: Beewits Writing a proposal is necessary but often tedious

Cut out much of the tedious part with this handy free tool from Beewits.

Simply fill in the blanks in the proposal questionnaire and hit the generate button and voila — instant, professional proposal ready to send to your client Download the proposal as a Microsoft Word file that you can further tweak to your heart’s content You don’t even have to sign up, surrender your email address, or create an account to use this nifty service Did we mention this is one of the web design tools you get for free? Image: Bidsketch This one isn’t one of our free web design tools, but it has a lot of features going for it

Rather than creating a proposal for you to mail via Word document or PDF, Bidsketch hosts the proposal online, where both you and your client can interact with it.

You’ll automatically receive a notification when your client views the proposal or makes a comment This app has many time-saving features Add reusable content, such as images and fees, that you can apply to different proposals Easily upsell by marking certain fees/activities as optional on your proposal Clients can accept the add-ons when viewing the proposal You can also set special messages that get shown after the client approves the proposal, such as providing instructions on what to do next Since Bidsketch proposals are hosted online, you can opt to set up your own subdomain to keep visitors on your domain and maintain your branding throughout

You can try it out for 14 days but after that you’ll need to pay.

Plans start a $23/month for one user and go up from there Designing HTML Emails HTML emails can be sharp, interactive and powerful selling tools They can also be a major challenge to get working across the many client email platforms out there These web design tools help simplify the process and ensure your email campaigns look right every time Image: Foundation for Emails Take the pain out of creating HTML emails that work with all clients, including Outlook Zurb, a product design company, created this tool to streamline the process of building HTML emails It provides powerful, tested components including a fully responsive grid, buttons, menus, callouts and more It even handles the tiresome process of inlining (putting CSS into your HTML file instead of a separate one) for you This isn’t one of the cloud web design tools you use strictly online Instead you download the components (choose CSS or SASS version) and work with the files locally The process can feel complex to newbies, but Zurb provides step-by-step how-to’s to get you on track and keep you there You can also make use of Zurb’s templating language Inky to use simple template tags in place of complex HTML Image: Litmus This is one of our web design tools that isn’t free, but if it’s crucial that your email looks right across a wide variety of email clients, it can be a worthwhile investment The Email Previews feature provides screenshots of your emails across 90+ apps and devices so you can quickly check compatibility This isn’t just a simulation, the Litmus system actually sends your email to real email clients set up on physical machines, then takes screenshots of the results You’ll know for certain how your email will look on virtually any client Frameworks Frameworks are exactly what the name suggests: foundations to build upon Previously time-consuming tasks can be accomplished with a few clicks or simple lines of code

The goal is less programming and more design time for the site builder.

Here are a few of the best: Image: Bootstrap When turning your design into code, getting the right stuff in exactly the right place (down to the pixel) is key The responsive grid system behind Bootstrap makes it one of those web design tools that really stands out, making it easy to develop sites and apps that look great on any device Thanks to the grid, you can change the width and layout depending on screen size or other characteristics The framework includes lots of free elements to make your design life easier, including typography, buttons, icons, navigation components, forms, all built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and easily customizable Originally developed by Twitter, this framework is free, open-source, and quite popular due to its ease of use 12

Foundation This framework created by Zurb offers similar functionality to Bootstrap but in a different package.

With Foundation, you get a collection of code, templates and styling to help you fast-track website development If you want to preview what’s inside, check out this page that shows all Foundation components Like other front-end frameworks, this one provides easy-to-use classes, grid creation, typography, and cross-browser responsiveness While Foundation is currently slightly less popular than Bootstrap, it’s the the top pick for web design tools for some major brands including Pixar, Adobe and North Face Like Bootstrap, Foundation is free WordPress frameworks Although Bootstrap and Foundation can be used to build WordPress sites, some designers prefer to call on WordPress-specific frameworks — no surprise, since WordPress runs more than 33% of the internet A WordPress framework provides the functionality of a theme combined with the flexibility to design the site’s appearance in any way desired The framework contains core code that enables specific functionality and design elements If you’re only putting up a splash page or basic blog, employing a framework is overkill and a WordPress theme will likely serve you better If you’re designing a complex website, a framework might be just the ticket toward a speedy launch Popular web design tools for WordPress frameworks include: Image: Genesis Genesis is put out by Studio Press It is intended to serve as the foundation of your website You use a child theme to add customization and styling Genesis is not free — you have to purchase the framework and developers often also obtain a child theme to go with it But of course you could make your own There are plenty of official and unofficial child themes to choose from The Genesis framework is built with SEO in mind and page-load speed are also a top priority Adjusting site layout or color scheme can be accomplished through drop-down options You can choose among six different page layouts via clicking on a radio button The framework costs $5995 If you design lots of sites, you’ll want to consider the Pro Plus Membership at $49995, which gives you access to all child themes and tutorials as well Image: Gantry If you’re looking for a free and open-source web design tools, check out Gantry Offered by the popular theme shop RocketTheme , Gantry features drag-and-drop functionality, a layout manager and a menu editor — among other features The goal is to let you focus on design rather than programming, although there is still a learning curve Gantry uses a responsive design based on Bootstrap, so you can rely on effective resizing and formatting for all sizes and shapes of screens The framework is free, but if you need tech support, you’ll need to sign up for $99/year Remember, when you use a WordPress framework, be sure to employ a child theme Frameworks roll out regular updates and if you’re not using a child theme, you’ll either have to skip updates or risk all of your hard work being overwritten Final word The above tools are among the favorites used every day by professional web designers and developers What tools do you find invaluable in your day to day work? Share in the comments below Editor’s note:This article was originally published by Anne Martinez on the GoDaddy Blog Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash Anne Martinez Anne Martinez is a freelance writer and web developer She travels between the worlds of information technology, business, and writing, and is an ardent fan of all three Bringing them together to build things of use to other people is best of all
Video Marketing Tips and Tricks!

Video Marketing Tips and Tricks!

Video advertising and video marketing does not must be time consuming or a headache. Take some video marketing tips from the professionals at Xranker Pro Video Marketing . Tip #1: Brainstorm some creative content concepts! Get out of the old conventional uninteresting video advertising and marketing strategies. Starting off fresh with a new inventive video advertising and marketing concept. At Xranker Professional Video Advertising  we’re very creative and can write inventive content for your video marketing campaign Tip #2: Get a hold of an interesting creative script on your new video free up! Be certain that it is witty and going to snatch your audiences off their feet! Tip #3: Create a fantastic thrilling  enthusiastic voice over assured to captivate your audience and keep them engaged in your new business or product don’t just make it good make it mind blowing and exhilarating to your audience. Now Xranker Pro Video Marketing we will create you the a thrilling enthusiastic voice over on your video advertising and video marketing campaign wishes! Tip #4: Have a creative distinctive video not like any other! In all facets of this procedure you need your video advertising and marketing content material need to be different, relevant and stand out among the other businesses or products! Use the most creative graphics, animations, text effects, background imagery or HD video, to be put in a combination professionally to create a unique commercial! If you have the best content or equally so it can easily go viral. Right here at Xraner Pro Video Marketing we produce probably the most superior kick ass videos for your video marketing campaign. We ensure you are going to love, be enthused, and excited in your new creative video advertising and video marketing content material professionally crafted delivered through Xranker! Tip #5: Get the best in video advertising and marketing commercials. It is a procedure through which it’s important to have a look at the other mediums in video advertising and marketing companies like Value, High quality, Reliability,  Creativity, Sales Conversation, Popularity, Availability. I will be able to inform you Xranker Pro Video Marketing is #1 in all video marketing campaigns.  We ensure customer satisfaction as we take you in the into new creative video marketing and video advertising content, strategies, and captivative ingenious ideas not limited to the old boring traditional advertising methods. We at all times approve each and every step we take to be sure you are getting the very best video advertising and marketing that suites your tastes with our own twist to explode your viral video marketing campaign. Tip #6: Get video seo done right for your video advertising and video marketing campaign! Hire a company that not only has all the right tools but also looks and goes with a new trending marketing idea. A great keyword research tool can easily cost $200 bucks a month or more! When using YouTube don’t just upload your video. Host a YouTube Live Event. Live Events rank fast and easily. Right here at Xranker Pro Video Marketing we concentrate your Video using the highest quality backlinks. We will be able to get your Get your video ranked at the first web page of Google and YouTube! Tip #7: Get your new creative content distributed throughout social media and different platforms to get increase awareness and jump start your campaign. Xranker Pro Video Marketing can get you started with a viral video advertising and video marketing campaign! Tip #9 Create an unique offer to boost your sales that the customer can’t get anywhere else.

The New Video Marketing Storm

Eternally I do know that Xranker Pro Video Marketing will change video marketing forever. Breaking the old way of boring traditional advertising and video marketing that is far outdated. Other companies with video advertising and marketing methods will soon be a thing of the past. Their content material on the internet is outdated uninteresting same old advertising and marketing methods used for years. Does it really work or is that all people have been used to not knowing their is something bigger and greater coming. Xranker Pro Video Marketing with their creative aspect coming up with groundbreaking new advertising and marketing concepts and methods to achieve this new target market! The outdated video advertising and marketing methods have lost their touch of reality. promotions these days utterly sucks ass and it is uninteresting as hell! Do one thing new these days order an unique commercial from Xranker Pro Video Marketing. I guarantee you will be a returning customer.

How To Make Your Company Go Viral With Video tutorials

How To Make Your Company Go Viral With Video tutorials

Having your company and merchandise observed might be tricky at finest. You might use social media marketing and writing a blog to assist promote nevertheless, video marketing may just push you to another level. Ability to hear regarding your goods “from the horse’s mouth” is normally exactly what can convert a possible customer. Read more on this page to help make video marketing your brand new device.

Use others including visitor speakers on your site and also in your videos. As exciting as you might be, your audiences will truly value visiting a refreshing new face. Make certain that anyone who you have in your videos reflects the kind of message you want to send out in your viewers.

You need to develop a video to record your standard work day to give your clients a sense of how merchandise is created and mailed. Present your fellow workers, show your work space and stick to the distinct techniques you are going right through to complete a purchase order. The goal of this short documentary would be to persuade viewers that you will be a trustworthy professional.

In case you have a traditional retailer, don’t consider online video clips can’t work to market your enterprise. They could, and do. Start with a youtube video visit of your own store, releasing oneself and displaying the best products. Done properly, marketing with video might help individualize your company and attain customers. So, switch on that digital camera and display the globe why they must industry on your store.

To make a great online video, do not assume that you need high production worth. You do not require professional gear just be certain you retain centered and well balanced when snapping shots. There truly isn’t even any must polish your set of scripts or come off being a expert pitchman. Just maintain your persona in advance and speak right to the video digital camera. And in some cases, you will not even have to change your movie well before posting it. It is possible to sometimes use PowerPoint or display records instead of conversing right to the viewers.

Your video lessons must be as ageless as possible. When conversing about a item launch or a new product, it can be hard to make a movie that people may wish to view 6 months from now. If you concentrate on the item, rather than the making time, you may be making a movie that folks will view later on.

Videos must be private to hook the viewer’s interest. Be enjoyable, friendly, calm and self-confident as well as your watchers won’t affect the route, as we say. The greater wide open and honest you happen to be, the higher received you may be. Stick with issues you’re genuinely excited about as that will come out in your demeanor.

It can be hard to be competitive in your market when you are only undertaking basic advertising. Video lessons are a fun way to include a private side for your marketing and advertising. Be striking and bring your product or service alive with many great video clip choices. With these suggestions at heart, you are able to achieve new goals with your accomplishment.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist

Descripción DescriptionThe OpenNebula Systems team is seeking a Digital Marketing Specialist to promote products and services of OpenNebula and its new strategic project in edge computing For over a decade now, OpenNebula Systems has been building the technology that enables organizations around the world to build open clouds with unique, innovative features Its users include leading companies in a wide range of industry niches Recently OpenNebula has received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program to assist in the development and productization of its new strategic project for bringing the private cloud to the edge through cloud disaggregation The SME Instrument is a highly competitive program that supports top-class innovators and entrepreneurs in implementing high-risk and high-potential innovation ideas to lead new emerging markets and major changes in how business is doneJoin the OpenNebula Systems team, and have the chance to learn at every step of the way with people that help shape Cloud Computing every day and will lead the Edge Computing market

We are action-oriented doers and passionate about what we work on.

We’re not afraid to explore, pivot, bounce and learn Responsibilities- Create and collect key metrics, including the administration of a dashboard with main performance indicators- Document and classify all activities and interactions with prospects and customers- Provide weekly updates to manager on individual activity- Follow up on pre-qualified leads to ensure they are processed timely and effectivelyGenerate prospective customers through lead nurturing and qualification- Develop and implement strategy for digital marketing- Qualify leads generated from marketing and community programs- Dynamically market the company’s products and services via email to qualified leads- Creatively articulate compelling value propositions around OpenNebula products and services- Effectively communicate the value proposition and differentiation of OpenNebula products and services to specified pain points for the right buyer profileContent Design- Creates engaging written, graphic, and video content- Design sales and technical documents – Adept at web designPromotion of product, services and brand- Interact regularly with the Community team to discuss the lead qualification process and recommend improvements- Work closely with the Community team in developing new ways to increase awareness of brand, products and servicesExperience Required- Work experience in digital marketing and inbound sales- Fluent English skills- Understand trends in digital marketing- Social media skills- Possess a high energy, strong desire to achieve top results with a charismatic, positive “can-do” attitude – Communications skills- Previous ability to understand technical concepts, and enthusiasm for technologyExperience Recommended- Content and web site design- Enterprise software- VMware or other virtualization or data center technologies- AWS, Azure or other cloud technologies Tecnologías
Quarterly Results – Infosys stays on track to clock double-digit top line growth, Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity

Quarterly Results – Infosys stays on track to clock double-digit top line growth, Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity

Last time Infy reported a double-digit revenue growth was in dollar terms in FY14 when revenue grew 115% ET Bureau October 12, 2019, 13:21 IST ET Intelligence Group: The September 2019 quarter performance of Infosys affirms that the country’s second-largest software company appears to be on course to report a double-digit growth in dollar-denominated revenue for the current fiscal This would be after a gap of six years — the last time it had reported a double-digit growth was back in FY14 when its revenue had grown by 115% Infosys will also likely report higher top line growth than Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the biggest peerIn the first half of FY20, Infosys increased its revenue by 102% to $6,341 million That puts the company into a comfortable position to clock above 10% growth for the full fiscal This also makes the company’s revised revenue FY20 guidance of 9-10% growth sound too conservative A sequential growth of around 23% in each of the remaining two quarters would help the company march past the upper end of its guidance This looks achievable given the 23% and 25% sequential growth in the June and the September quarters, respectively, and the sustained momentum in order flow from clientsAt a time when TCS is undergoing a deceleration in growth momentum, Infosys appears to be back on the growth track A comparison of revenue on trailing 12-month (TTM) basis shows that revenue growth for Infosys improved to 9

5% in the September quarter from 7.

7% in the year-ago quarter, whereas for TCS, it slowed down to 81% from 102% in the said period

The other factor where Infosys showed improvement was the employee attrition.

After staying high for the past several quarters, it dropped significantly by 170 basis points to 217% in the September quarter A gradual recovery in business momentum is expected to further improve employee retentionIn anticipation of a better performance, the stock rose by 42% on Friday to ?815


Since the company declared results after the market hours, the stock may show more traction when trading begins on Monday At the Friday closing price, the stock is valued at a trailing price-earnings (P/E) multiple of 226, which is similar to a P/E of 23 for TCS
Creative Marketing Ideas to Get More Customers and Followers

Creative Marketing Ideas to Get More Customers and Followers

If your marketing team’s creativity has stalled out, these three tactics will get it flying high again 5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own Earlier this year, KFC debuted the KFC Innovations Lab to raise crowdfunding support for bold, attention-grabbing marketing concepts The public can vote on wild ideas such as a Kentucky Fried Hot Tub and a figure skating show about the life of founder Colonel Sanders. KFC intends to find out what a kernel of creativity is worth to its fans. While it may seem like this strategy is all in good fun, the truth is that creativity costs money and resources — and not every company is keen to invest what the marketing department needs The high cost of ignoring creativity Research shows that creative brands consistently see better results According to McKinsey’s Award Creativity Score , companies that win the highest number of Cannes Lions awards have higher organic revenue growth, return to investors and net enterprise value Nielsen, in analyzing hundreds of consumer goods campaigns, found that the power of creative to increase sales is more than double that of reach, targeting and brand Birds Eye, for instance, reinvested in creativity after four years of declining growth. To rate the creativity of campaign ideas, it measured consumers’ emotional response via neuroscience feedback The expense paid off New campaigns, creatively adjusted per consumer feedback, have generated a 24 percent higher average return on investment and restored the company to a growth period Related: Why Creativity Is the Most Important Sales Tactic These studies offer great news to marketers, right? Sure, except businesses have largely forgotten the value of creativity and have instead invested heavily in digital marketing initiatives and technology such as SEO, website updates and new app design In a 2016 study, advertising service WARC found that short-term campaigns had quadrupled in number; at the same time, investment in creativity fell by 12 percent . This year, Forrester predicted that investment in data, analytics, adtech and martech will grow as much as 11 percent through 2022, while agency spending will grow less than 3 percent Budget constraints aside, the essential point is that creativity is your job as a marketer Whether you have to crowdfund your creative campaigns or are able to get your company to back your initiatives, the efficacy of your work depends on your ability to come up with fresh ways to tell the story of your brand and its products Reinvigorating your marketing initiatives Although brands need to invest more heavily in creativity, marketers can also do their part to breathe fresh life into their campaigns Use the following tactics to get out of a creative rut and produce campaigns that have a serious impact on your company’s bottom line 1. Find a new way to tell the story Sometimes all that’s needed to make a campaign resonate with audiences is to reframe the narrative Take the pharmaceutical industry, for example Combating skeptical consumers and concerns over inflated prices, pharma companies have found innovative ways to illustrate how their investments in research and development translate to saving or improving patients’ lives. . Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, for instance, recently worked with strategic creative consultancy Brandpie to develop a brand repositioning campaign Instead of focusing inward and highlighting the groundbreaking work of its labs, the story turns outward, focusing on the human implications The video is emotional, crosscutting human images (bare feet walking on sand, hands clasping, an elderly woman receiving care) with lab shots that make clear the connection between the science and the humanity Related: 9 Tips for Reigniting Your Marketing Team’s Creativity 2 Ask the audience Research can be a source of audience insights that inform innovative new approaches to connecting with your fans Then again, in some instances, it’s best to combine your data with a little crowdsourced creativity Bombay Sapphire’s #FindYourCanvas campaign , designed by BBDO New York, began after research showed that 90 percent of people want to spend more time on creative and artistic activities Combining that finding with a desire to promote the brand’s sponsorship of art initiatives — and reach young adults who are resistant to traditional advertising — Bombay installed a blank canvas in an outdoor mall in Los Angeles The canvas was painted by robot arms, which were controlled by people who selected colors and positions on the canvas via a branded website The campaign earned Bombay an Adweek Experiential Award 3 Master the art of empathy To break out of the creative doldrums and access bold new ideas, take inspiration from design thinking, which relies in part on empathy to better understand customers and their needs Marketers at LEGO do this by putting themselves in kids’ shoes and conducting ethnographic studies to learn how they play Research can unlock empathy in marketing, but mass surveys won’t do — those paint with a broad brush and produce watered-down insights. Instead, talk to your customers in one-on-one settings to glean useful nuggets of information about their needs and wants, as well as the way they interact with your brand Empathy can also help teams work together more creatively Research has shown that people are able to come up with more new ideas after sharing embarrassing stories about themselves This tactic does two things: First, it reminds participants that we’re all human Second, it does away with the natural hesitation to share new ideas out of fear that they’ll be rejected By telling an embarrassing story first, you’ve already broken through that fear Creativity may be endangered in the marketing world, but using new tactics to come up with ideas can go a long way toward getting brands out of ruts As research has shown again and again, the financial returns on creativity can be enormous — even if your best-laid plan is to ask consumers to do some of the creating for you Related: 9 of Last Year’s Most Creative Marketing Ideas Can Help You Brainstorm for 2019 More from Entrepreneur Get heaping discounts to books you love delivered straight to your inbox. We’ll feature a different book each week and share exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else
Kick Ass Spokesperson Compilation Video

Kick Ass Spokesperson Compilation Video

Kick Ass Spokesperson Compilation Video

Take your business to the next level with Xranker!

Hi I’m Lee Knapp! It’s nice to meet you. I am a creative content writer, exciting voice over artist, and video producer! I use the latest most advanced technology to create high quality HD Commercials and do your keyword research along with Advanced Video Seo Techniques to make sure your video ranks on the first page of youTube!

I create a wide variety of Videos from Whiteboard Videos, 3D Avatar Videos, 2D Animation Videos, Kinetic Typography Videos, Live Action Videos, Storyline Videos, Intros, Outros, Sketch Videos, Explainer Videos, Sales Conversion Videos and more.

Video Seo and Local Ranking. I can easily research the perfect keywords for your videos to maximize exposure and reach. I can get your video ranked locally for your business on the first page of Google and YouTube with my Video Seo Expertise. Just Google Video Production Union Mo you will see my video. Did you know Live Events on YouTube usually and can easily rank overnight? Uploaded videos can take weeks to rank, a YouTube Live Event Ranks so much faster!

I have the latest Video and Live Event rank tracking software I know immediately when a Video or Live Event is ranking on YouTube! Every great business utilizes Video Marketing in their campaigns. Kick Start Your Campaign Now and stop missing out on potential clients. Check out what we have to offer today!

Kick Ass
Compilation Video
Kick Ass Spokesperson
Spokesperson Compilation Video

First lady calls for end of e-cigarette marketing to youth – ABC News

First lady calls for end of e-cigarette marketing to youth – ABC News

WATCH News headlines today: Oct 7, 2019 0 Shares Melania Trump said Monday that companies “must stop” marketing e-cigarettes to children, saying they are addictive and dangerous Interested in Vaping? Add Vaping as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Vaping news, video, and analysis from ABC News Vaping Add Interest Marketing tobacco products to kids is already prohibited in the United States, and Juul Labs Inc, the nation’s largest maker of electronic cigarettes, has said it will cease advertising them in the US Still, some believe Juul’s early online marketing of e-cigarettes contributed to an explosion in vaping among youth Mrs Trump said “it is important to me that we all work to educate children and families about the dangers associated with this habit” “Marketing this addictive product to children must stop” The first lady promotes an anti-drug message through the “Be Best” youth initiative she launched in May 2018 She and the president have a 13-year-old son, Barron Last month, Mrs Trump tweeted her concerns over the “growing epidemic of e-cigarette use in our children” She later joined President Donald Trump when he announced from the Oval Office that US health authorities will act to ban thousands of fruity and other flavorings used in e-cigarettes Federal statistics show vaping among teens had increased significantly between 2017 and 2018 More than 1 in 4 high school students reported vaping in the past month, up from 1 in 5 students in 2018 , according to the latest statistics E-cigarette use among middle students also increased Federal health officials have called the trend an “epidemic,” and fear teenagers who vape will eventually start smoking Mrs Trump said her visits to hospitals and rehabilitation centers have allowed her to see “the horrible results of drug abuse” She pledged to “continue to address addiction as long as it affects our children, our youth and our schools” The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids said it was grateful for the first lady’s message and called on the administration to implement its plan and quickly remove all flavored e-cigarettes from the market

“Flavors have been a key part of the industry’s strategy for marketing to kids and have fueled this epidemic,” said Vince Willmore, a spokesman for the advocacy group.

Juul has pledged not to lobby against the Trump administration’s planned flavor ban Other industry representatives, such as the American Vaping Association, which represents makers and retailers of e-cigarettes and vaping solutions, oppose the planned policy Opponents argue the policy could create a “black market” for vaping products and push adults who vape to resume smoking Mrs Trump addressed a rally at the US Drug Enforcement Administration headquarters to mark the start of the annual “Red Ribbon Week” on Oct 23, an observance that came to be after the 1985 torture and slaying of DEA Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena in Mexico Americans began wearing red ribbons to honor Camarena’s sacrifice, and schools in the region of California where he lived formed clubs in his name and pledged to live drug-free lives “Red Ribbon Week” was formalized in 1988 Camarena’s widow, Mika, attended the rally Students seated in the auditorium rose and recited a pledge to stay away from drugs Most of those in the audience wore the event’s “red ribbon” pin but the first lady did not wear one on her sleeveless black dress

Her office said she was not given a pin by DEA staff before entering the auditorium with acting administrator Uttam Dhillon.

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